The priorities associated with each area of development are in the process of being further defined as is the finite detail associated with each release to move PAR from its current version, 0.3 to a production version 1.0.

The roadmap breaks down into three distinct categories, each has one or more specific development areas:

  1. Data model
  2. Tools
  3. Integration

Data Model

The data model is the core component of PAR that describes the elements of preservation policies implemented using machine readable data structures. The data model describes attribute such as:

The model has now matured sufficiently in terms of what can be done but further effort is needed to define what it could do and what it’s limitations might be. This will continue to be a key focus area for the team.


The main tool components include:

Sync tool that will enable preservation actions to be copied between systems. Work on the sync tools has not as yet started

Registry browser the prototype browser requires further work to make it production ready

Register editing tool this will enable users to update their own registry, work has not started on its build

Client GUI tool


Integtaion includes:

API extensions the API is already well formed, further planned enhancements include items such as:

Trusted source integration

Vendor DP systems